Friday, August 26, 2011

Finally Friday...

Whew, made it to Friday! A short day at work, then a visit to my hairoine dealer to get a fix for my chemically-dependent hair. If left to its own devices, my hair would be almost totally gray already. I say 'already' because I'm only 44 (I can admit it!), and in my mind that's just too young to be completely gray. The gray was seeping out in my 30's, and once it broke through has been like mile-a-minute kudzu vine overtaking my head. It has smothered out my natural auburn hair (*sniffle*whimper*moan*) and become a mess that takes vigilance, dedication, science, and money to control.

I know some women are fortunate enough to have beautiful, lustrously graying manes described as silver, white, platinum, pewter...and those all sound great! Jamie Lee Curtis, Helen Mirren, Paula Deen, Emmylou Harris, Meryl Streep (in The Devil Wears Prada) to name a few.  But my hair is not like their sleek, silky-looking tresses.  My gray hair has wiry texture and just plain bad attitude! Without the sleekening effect of chemical tinting, it would rival Medusa's mess.  Also, these silvered beauties are all older than me, and for now my vanity just doesn't want to go there.  I'm one of those red-haired people that *loved* being a redhead. (I've read that many dislike and hate their red hair, and I just can't imagine it.)  I loved the riot of color and the chaos of waves and curls that it became!

Before the kudzu.

But I've been blessed in finding stylists that could moonlight as chemical engineers, and have been able to hide my kudzu, er, gray hair for years now with the warmth of copper, gold, and caramel.  This will have to end someday, and I'll have to accept and embrace the gray.  And if my chemists can help me make that transition gracefully, I'll be blessed.  And I'll rejoice and say, "Bring it on!  I'll take mine in polished silver, please."

Yes indeedy.  Sign me up.

When I'm 50.


  1. No, no, no!!! You must wait until after 60!!! My addiction is still going strong. :)

  2. I have some gray poking through here and there.. more so in my beard than on my head.

    At first it really bugged me, but I have developed a sort of reluctant acceptance.... for now.


  3. Yeah, I had to draw the line when it got into the beard. THAT was the last straw!

  4. My hair is already going gray (early 30s), I don't know if I'll do anything. Right now I have a nice unattractive skunk stripe down the front. Sigh.

  5. Stripes or streaks work, I think. Stacy London. Lily Munster. Cruella Deville. They pull it off great!

    Which way will the telltale Sigh take you? Dramatically defiant with the gray? Or vibrantly chemically addicted without? I hope you'll keep us posted.

  6. When my mom started chemo (many many years ago) her only questions was, "Can I still color my hair?"

  7. Aww, bless her vanity. I've never thought of that (thankful to be so blessed). I would be interested to know if she could still color it.