Thursday, August 18, 2011

Good Morning...

I'm in love with my coffee maker. We've been together for many years now, but the passion is still strong. And how could it not be? I give it less than 2 minutes of attention at night, and it makes for me fresh, hot, delicious java before I even make it into the kitchen each morning. If it could bring it to me in bed on my days off, I might just marry it. (kidding...I'm not one of *those* people!)

No more watching news, especially political discussion news programs, before bed at night. I do not need all of those people in my head in the dark!

WHAT is with the "hook-up" followers on Twitter?  Does anyone really think these are real hot-babes that are going to make all their dreams come true? It's not my deal to judge, I suppose, but eww...could you do me the favor of not following me? You're making the place smell bad. 

Per our weather man this morning: "Day #52. Today we tie 1954 for 3rd place. Highs of 106 today...107 Friday, 105 Sat, 103 Sun, Mon & Tue. If we're lucky...only 100 Wed!"
If this isn't Hell, we're definitely the neighbor next door!

Per the Dalai Lama:  "Moral ethics are the basis of world peace."  *sigh*  That's why world peace has become a fairy tale. 

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