Friday, August 19, 2011

...Lights Out

This life-sucking heat is just so defeating. Running a few early afternoon errands rendered me totally useless. We hide out in our bedroom in the late afternoon because it's the furthest from the West side of the house. Like a cave. Except it really makes me want to decorate more in there. Make it a pretty cave.

I realized today that the time spent laying in a tanning bed is a great opportunity for meditative breathing exercises. Of course this realization would come to me on the day that I cancelled my membership with the facility due to the financial affliction. Which would explain the anxiety-driven hyperventilation I'd had fun with all morning. Anywho, yes, laying in the quiet chamber of light is a great place to really breathe and focus. Yes, I know tanning is not a really healthy thing to do, but I delusion-ally reassure myself that it's not so bad because I don't do it very often. 

What is it with all the "i"-whatsits everywhere? Why on earth did Steve Jobs not copyright that? Maybe you can't copyright a single letter. I don't know. But I do know that product naming and marketing is getting i-ridiculous. Today's example: " i-Cool Menopause Relief Product "  i-Kid you not.  A few weeks ago it was a billboard for "iLasik".  Seriously?  Is that laser eye surgery by iPhone?  I'll keep my glasses, thank you!  I know, and truly do understand, that it all stems from the wild success of the actual i-Products. But for some reason it strikes me as notably wacky. Somewhat teetering on the brink of idiocracy. Or would that be iDiocracy?  I think I'm going to look forward to sharing these products as often as I find them. We'll call it the " iWTF? ".

Is there an app for that? Yes, a selection from the actual apps that do so often gleefully embrace idiocracy (my so far ultimate favorite):  "Confession. A Roman Catholic app for i Products". Yes, indeedy. Salvation via iTunes.  Because you know they have a direct line to God. (Well he's probably hanging out with Steve Jobs anyway.)

I love the movie She's Out Of My League!

Go to sleep. Tomorrow's another day...

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