Friday, September 9, 2011

Better End of Meh Day...

It's quite obvious from this morning's post that pain makes me cross tetchy irritable bitchy mean less-than-pleasant.  Well, nothing that Aleve, a little mis-communication fun, a lot of puppies & kitties, wine, and a quiet evening can't improve...

To What You Were You Referring When You Said You?
A telephone interlude....

Caller:  Oh! You're the big, new, beautiful one on the corner, right?
Me:  (Um)  Yes! Yes, I am! And thank you for noticing!
Because, really, why would I let that kind of compliment go by????
I mean, sure, I thought calling me "big" wasn't necessary, but I'm not proud. I'll take it!

Caller:  Every time I drive by I'm tempted to stop!

Me:  Well, you're more than welcome to, any time.

Couldn't be helped.  I was raised to be gracious.
Caller:  That would be nice. It just looks so big and roomy! It must be very open and spacious.

Me:  Erm...

Caller:  So if I stop, do you think you could show it all to me?

Me:  I, well, sure...I guess so. Why not?  You know, maybe you could buy me a drink first...

It only seemed fair!

Turns out she was gushing over our business's building. And thank goodness, because the "big", "roomy", and "spacious" comments were beginning to give me a complex!

My Word! How Is It You're No Longer Fashionable?

Really, why do we not use these words more often? They're quite piquant!
  • scoundrel
  • ne'er-do-well
  • guff
  • bamboozled
  • smite
  • verily
  • moxie
  • tomfoolery
  • caddywompas (my dad used this word alot!)
  • twitterpated
  • cockamamie
  • humdinger
I love words. I do not love the dumbing-down of language skills.
Do you have any choice locutions to add?


  1. I prefer "untoward" - it's awesome.

    Lisa, your behavior is untoward.