Sunday, October 23, 2011

The BIG, LOUD in the Middle of the Night

A BIG, LOUD storm woke me, just before 2 a.m., moving in really fast. The thunder and lightning were so fast and constant you couldn't even get to the count of 'one'... And then the sleet and hail started.

Zumi Cat has become storm-phobic in the past year and a half (notably since we moved into this house),  and it's really sad to see him get scared. He sleeps with me, so I knew the instant he was freaked out (the moment of the first thunder). He wanted O-U-T...out, Out, OUT! But I don't know where he thought he would go. It was so incredibly loud on our roof and windows! He didn't want the closet (his normal hideout), and when I offered to let him out of our room, he realized it was louder and scarier out there, and ran right back in. The poor thing was completely panicked!

I finally grabbed him and jumped back into bed, throwing the thick covers over us and curling myself around him. I held and petted and soothed, and the BIG, LOUD storm passed quickly. Zumi finally relaxed and seemed to feel safe under the covers with me, purring a soft, calm purr instead of trembling violently and rumbling with the panic-purr.

Poor big handsome fraidy-cat!
(Not an actual photo of Zumi)

And WHERE is Nom-Nom Kitty now??? She ran out of the bedroom when I offered to let Zumi out, and by the nightlight in the hall I saw her run on away. When Zumi ran right back in the bedroom, I went down the hall to bring her back. It was insanely loud in the rest of the house! I didn't see her right away, and at that moment the hail intensified hitting the windows and that's when I decided to just hunker down under the covers with Zumi. You know, so I could soothe and comfort him

After the storm passed, I went out of bedroom to get Nom-Nom and bring her back so she wouldn't have to sleep alone. (Crazy-cat-lady behavior, I know. Don't judge.)  But we (Zumi was on my heels every step now) can't find her ANYWHERE!  What the what, cat???  It's not a big house. And she's a chatty cat - there's a vocalization for every move she makes and every time she hears her name. She is disappeared! I am giving up the search, although I'm more than a little freaked out that I can't find her. I'm hoping that she's just hiding someplace really good, or that the Aliens which have abducted her will return her by morning.
(Not an actual photo of Aliens sucking Nom-Nom out of our house.)

I love a good storm, but Zumi's hysteria, and now the disappearance of Nom-Nom, took all the fun out of that one! I would like to just go back to sleep now...

(Does anyone else have storm-phobic cats? Thankfully none of my dogs have ever really been, but this is my second cat that is. And for that matter, has anyone else had their cat abducted by Aliens? Outer-Space Aliens, I mean; not the illegal ones that might kidnap cats for who-knows-what purpose.)


8:00 a.m. Update of Situation:
When I got up this morning and left the bedroom with all fuzzy-kids, Nom-Nom was amongst them. The Aliens not only returned her (as I knew they would because she is kind of a nutcase), but they put her back in the bedroom so she wouldn't have to spend the rest of the night alone. The Aliens are crazy-cat-ladies too!

And something woke me up this morning by pressing fingertips between my shoulder blades and gently nudging, repeatedly. Himself was sound asleep, but I woke him up anyway to make sure. Because it was a very definite sensation. So weird. 


  1. Oh, pets and storms. I once had a dog who chewed through a door in a thunderstorm. I wish I could give them all some xanax.

  2. Through a door?! Wow. Poor kiddo! (And, of course, poor you and house.)

    We prescribe medication for storm-anxiety dogs regularly at the animal hospital where I work. It may be time to talk to the docs about options for cats. Although medicating cats is usually more traumatic than anything Mother Nature (or Aliens) can dish out!