Sunday, October 2, 2011

Writing? Not Writing? Am I ? Do I ? Should I ?... Egads!

Conversational variations on a theme this evening:

Him:  I wish you'd write more about food.

Me:  Mm.

Him:  I'd like to read what you have to write about different foods, but you don't like many different things.

Me:  Mm. No.

I'm a person of very few words. Verbally, at least. Poor man.

Him:  (just staring at me, expectantly)

Me:  (sigh) Yes, it would be a bit of a waste since I don't eat "interesting" foods.

Him:  (now arching eyebrow, expectantly)

Me:  (simulate loud retching sounds)  It's hard to spell that.

At which point he succumbs too my level of communication and just rolls his eyes and resumes watching TV.

Probably not 30 minutes later:

Him:  I wish you'd hurry up and write a book.

Me:  Hu?

Him:  When are you going to write a book?

Me:  What am I supposed to write about??? Everybody has already written everything!

Him:  "Everybody has already written everything"???  Wow. Talk about a closed door.

Well, as I explained to him, as much as I like the idea of being a writer, I often do feel this way.  I'm not a real writer. What could  I  possibly have to say that would warrant a book? He didn't have an answer to this, but his manner indicated maybe he didn't share my opinion. 

I've not even written on my blog in weeks, and I'm not sure I can pinpoint the reason. Lack of time? Some days, yes. (Although there is probably time spent with TV that could be put to better use quite often.) Reluctance to be controversial?  That's pretty common lately, given our [country's] troubling times and economic instability.  (I'm a big believer in the right to one's own opinion, and I'm pretty sure I have some opinions on some subjects that wouldn't be just loved by everyone.)  Too many thoughts for content? Possibly.  Insignificance of content? Probably.

Basically, there are thousands of blogs already; many far wittier, or deeper, or smarter, or more entertaining, or more meaningful than mine. But I guess that's not really the point.  My blog was to be an exercise in expressing myself, by free will rather than assignment (which seemed moderately important since finishing school).  Also, I'm far more likely to express myself in writing than I will verbally (see examples above), so maybe I'll stop keeping things bottled up.  Oddly, I feel more capable of conversing when I do write. (And more willing to converse.)  Maybe letting words flow through my fingers makes them flow easier from my mouth, too.  Blah, blah, blah.  Who knows?  But I do feel it keeps my mind sharper, somehow. And goodness knows, I can use all the help I can give myself in THAT area! So, henceforth, I babble on...

You've been warned.

Do you think blogs should have significant/meaningful content only?  


  1. I read from the experts on blogging that you should always be giving your reader something. When I write a fluffy piece I worry, but someone pointed out my fluff is usually humorous so I am giving a reader a laugh. I always wonder if I am off topic if I am not putting something introspective or inspirational on my blog. Sometimes, though, I just need a break and that is why many Fridays or Sundays are light topics.

  2. Those are very good points. Thank you for sharing them!

    I think that the humorous fluff is something that really appeals to many people, especially in difficult times, and should not be under-rated. My family has always had a tendency to respond to difficulty with humor (sometimes making us seem almost inappropriate), and I think we do it as a means to help each other. In blogging, I find that reading about mundane or difficult things turned humorous makes me feel good. Simple as that.

    Light and fluffy can be great!

  3. I know there are many who say, 'write for yourself'. To a degree, yes, write for your own reasons, be they to vent, to express yourself in a way you can't verbally, to exercise your writing skills, etc. BUT, blogging is a public forum (unless you keep it private). You put yourself out there, which means you do want to be read.

    And when you want your words to be read, shared and discussed, you do have to 'write for others'. What I mean by that is that you have to offer your reader something. Something funny, something to think about, something to talk about, something to relate to, something to commiserate with. You have to offer a little piece of you - a little of your heart and soul. How much you choose to share is up to you, but it has to be compelling to draw a reader in.

    There are millions of blogs out there. But there are also many more people who read blogs. There's always a space for yours.

    Don't give up. Keep writing, keep making connections. Good luck!

  4. Thank you for your insight, Alison. I agree with you. While my writing may be mostly for my own benefit, I do hope that I can sometimes entertain others, and maybe share something new (or from a new perspective).

    If nothing else, I am enjoying the blogs I am discovering (such as yours), and the ways that they entertain and connect to me.

  5. I think the big question is -- who do you write for?

    If you write for yourself, then post whatever you want. If you write for a certain crowd, then meaningful things should probably go with that crowd.

    Me? I write about a lot of different things. I don't know what that does to readership. I'm sure bumping around from topic to topic can cause some to come and go. I'd love a ton of readers, but my interests aren't in a niche where a full-time blog would really warrant it.

    So it comes down to figuring out what you write for. Then worry about the content. Then worry about the readership. If you write on a regular basis and people like your style, they will read over and over. Find your place that way. :)

  6. Write.

    Not because you have something to offer to others, but because it offers something to you. I am not a writer. Honest, I'm not, That would be my mother and my son. But I grew up an artist expressing my emotions through my hands and onto a canvas be it through pen, paint or fabric.

    Then I became a mom and time flew by and before I knew it I was no longer creating anything. My surfer would always ask me why I wasn't painting or drawing. My answer was always the same, in order to create something I had to be in the right frame of mind. I couldn't bring myself to waste paint if I wasn't inspired.

    So I began to create with food without even knowing it. Then when I lost my job and started my blog as a way to keep in touch with friends, words began blossoming.

    I suppose what I'm trying to say (opposite of everyone else) write to feed your soul. Don't worry about anything else but setting free that part of you which needs to see the sun through creative expression. :D {{hugs}} you can do it!

  7. Thank you, Shari! Your words summed up exactly why I feel the need to write: "to see the sun through creative expression." Don't sell yourself short, Red - you are a writer.

    I have always been a creative person, and have expressed it in stitching, sewing, drawing, etching, decorating, gardening, renovations, and especially food. I would say I'm master at none, but darn good at anything that allows me to create something. And in the times when I've not had time to create - especially while in school the last 4 years - I've felt very much not like myself. Now that school is finished, I want to do so many of those things again - and take up new projects. Right now, however, is not the time for projects that require purchase of materials. Hopefully soon. :)

    Writing is free expression. Free creativity. Free feeding of the soul. If it leads to inspiring new acquaintances, such as with yourself and the other wonderful bloggers I've enjoyed, then that's just icing on the cake! :D