Saturday, August 20, 2011

...Fais do-do

Oh, I had a doozy of a song stuck in my head today! "Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road".  You can guess what I encountered on the drive to work that got this started. So, being the sharing person that I am, I put it on Facebook as soon as I got to work. I was a bit disappointed that only one person got the reference (and the desired effect of the endlessly looping ditty), but it was a looong time ago. 1972-73, as a matter of fact. Written and recorded by Mr. Loudon Wainwright III - songwriter, folk-singer, humorist, and actor. Now don't go thinking I just knew this. Curiosity got the best of me after several hours of the chorus in my head, which was the only part of the song I could remember, so I had to look it up this evening. I began wondering if there was any more to the song than that, as it seems a pretty silly topic. But, no. It was just a novelty song about the smell of dead skunk. And as weird as that may be, it also made me smile with recollection.  I remember the song playing on the radio, and I can remember singing it and laughing with my mother. And then any time we'd smell a skunk while driving, we would start singing. Pure silliness, from the long-dormant memory of a 5 year old.  So thank you, Mr. Dead Skunk. Your stink made me smile.

We saw the 'Glee' 3D Concert Movie today. Yes, I'm a Gleek. Even more so now than I was before the movie. It was Fantastic!! Not just because it is the Glee characters and songs that we love, but because of the stories related between the songs that show how the characters have influenced the lives of a handful of teens. It was truly inspirational, in my opinion. Or maybe I'm just a big ol' sap.  But the beauty of Glee is that it's not about celebrating the A-list teens. It's about embracing who you are, popular or not, and celebrating yourself.  And with the show's rise in popularity, this way of thinking has really affected the lives of real people. Kids (and let's be real, adults too) have identified with the characters, overcome challenges and fears, and have gained confidence and joy in their lives. And the movie shows this. I think that's a beautiful thing.  It's a shame the movie hasn't been more successful. I think many people didn't really know what it had to offer.  I certainly didn't know it would be the uplifting fun that it was.  Or maybe some people were put off by critics that underrated it because it didn't offer a lot of backstage hangouts with the cast. Meh. I think it was excellent the way it was. The songs were very well done, as they always are on the show, but with even more energy and enthusiasm. It really is impressive to realize how truly talented these kids are. That's what makes it so enjoyable to me. Not the silly relationships between the characters, but the characters themselves and the talents they share. And can you imagine what a trip this all must be for these kids?  They went from relative obscurity to rock-star status. From being part of a hit TV series, to now having a real concert tour around the world. All the while inspiring others. I danced in my seat. I laughed. And I was verklempt. All at the same time. It was wonderful!

Geez, who knew I had a Glee soap-box?  Actually, I guess it's just my Underdog soap-box. But I have one more thing to say about the movie:  Thank Glee I have much better songs looping in my head now!!!

I'm digging this random thought journaling much more than a gratitude journal.

Hell continues: High Temp Today = 107F; Heat Index = Inferno.  We complain because we are uncomfortable. And because the electric bills are so high.  But the big downer is that there are people in the state losing their livelihoods. Farms that are burned up, and ranchers having to just sell off herds because there is nothing to feed them. There are no politicians or big business to rant about for this. There's just helpless waiting. And a 7-day forecast looking just like today.

But to end on a good note... My favorite late night smells:  #1.  Earl Gray Tea. It smells like peace and calm in a teabag. How I lived without experiencing this for more than 40 years is just beyond me!  #2.  Wildflower Honey.  Oh, you lovely bee geniuses!  #1 + #2 = Om.

Fais do-do. Go to sleep.
Yes, cajun dances are known as fais do-do...because that's what they used to tell the children so that they could get on with dancing once the little ones were abed. Interesting, no?

Bon jour...

Kitty-Mania erupts in my bed every morning between 4:30-4:45.  They're silent as ninjas, I'll give them that, but they feel like flailing Sumo wrestlers on top of me. Who can sleep with that going on?? The Man, that's who. Totally oblivious. Lucky bastard.  Anyway, this nonsense is almost always started by the aforementioned bratty-cat supreme, Zumi.  He gets up from his place at my side, where he cuddles peacefully all night, stands on top of my legs, and proceeds to gently smacking on little Nom-Nom. I think it's his I'm-The-King moment. He lets her sleep in his (our) bed all night, as long as she stays out of His Zone, until that time that he must wake her with kitty domestic violence. And then they slap and kick and roll and body slam each other quite gloriously until I intervene.  It's kind of annoying, but also really funny and cute, so it's hard to be mad at them. When they wrestle any other time there is much caterwauling and usually some drama, but not at The Awakening. They're Sumo Ninjas. Sumo Ninja Ingrates.

My favorite early morning smells:  #1. Really good coffee brewing. Current house choice is Cafe Du Monde's Coffee and Chicory from, of course, Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans. Maybe I can't bodily go there right now, but my mind spends a good bit of its time there. (My mind is always going somewhere!)  #2. Turbinado sugar.  I love sugar, and Turbinado raw sugar is the richest, made by only partially refining the sugar cane. Imperial Sugar has the best one I've tried. It's dense and oh-so-slightly moist still, and the fragrance is dark and thick and rich and a bit reminiscent of molasses, but without the harshness. If you're discerning enough to not drink peasant-coffee, you'll love what Turbinado does to your brew.

There has to be a better way of dealing with all this hair than having to spend so much time blow-drying in the morning. I have other things I'd rather be doing, thank you. I love my hair. But I don't want to have to 'do' it.

I dislike having to work on Saturday mornings. Dislike is too mild. Yes, I'm grateful to have a job (don't get me started on the lack of available jobs), but I really hate going to work on Saturday morning. If I had a telecommuting job I wouldn't mind (and oh, how I wish I did!). So there's my bit of negativity for the morning.  Well, that and the hair.

So, to not end the morning's thoughts on negativity (which is bad juju for the day): Let's go out into the world today and not be mean to each other. Mean sucks.  Being snarky is okay, but don't be mean.

Off I go...