Tuesday, August 23, 2011

...Wine or Tea?

By the time we got home it seemed foolish to start in on the wine, but I can tell you that tea just isn't cutting it this evening.

Pondering the earthquakes in Colorado and Virginia, with 24 hours of each other, as well as the growing hurricane Irene and the devastating droughts in Texas.  Are we almost to the Apocalypse?  Has our country screwed itself up so bad (via our government) that it's going to just be imploded by Mother Nature?  Hmmm...

I will say that there has been some amusing propaganda generated by the earthquakes:

     One of my favorites was the first pic to show the devastation that resulted:

     Another was the headline, "The shaking was felt on the Martha's Vineyard golf course as Obama was just starting a round." Well, good heavens! (I would certainly hate to think that anything would disrupt his vacation. If so, he may start to wonder that he might possibly should have considered NOT going when his would-be constituency are in distress.)

     And one more, a PSA:  Text "Sorry you spilled your chai latte" to 90999 to donate $1 to the victims of the U.S. East Coast earthquake.

Yes, it is often the little things that amuse me. Little and snarky.

It has to be a sign of desperation that so many people here are having the thought that we would sure like to see some hurricane action ourselves.  We don't want any harm to any people or property, of course...just some pressure to break up our own terrible weather pattern.

So, will wish good luck to those Irene may be heading for, and give thanks that the earthquakes haven't broken us all to hell yet.  As for the Apocalypse, well, we'll see...

May tomorrow be a better day....