Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The end of August...

Thank God and hallelujah! This has been, by far, the hottest summer I can remember.  Today will be the 65th day of over 100F temps in our little part of the world. Many days have reached up to 11 degrees above normal. And rain? Ha! We had some in June.  We all watched the hurricane Irene coverage with envy, if you can believe.  I thought maybe I was the only one having such weird thoughts, but in talking with people at work this week, it seems there are many who confess to that now.  Not that we want any harm or damage to anyone, of course.  But you know it has to be bad when hurricane-envy sets in.

I *was* looking forward to today being the last of the triple digits. That's what our forecast was on Monday. AND they said we'd have rain through the weekend.
They lied.
Now there are no rain chances in the 7-day forecast, and at least another 3 days over 100.  That is no way to start September, and I think it's time to speak to someone in charge! (Yes, insert stamping of foot here.)

September is supposed to be when The Good Things begin to happen. September is the pre-cursor to October, for crying out loud, which is indisputably the most glorious month of the year! If we are dragging August's behaviors into September, then we are NOT proceeding into Fall at an acceptable pace.  I've already seen Halloween funlings in stores!  It made me giddy!  You can't drag Summer into this!!

I'm getting hysterical here.  Time out.

Okay. Second cup of coffee. Deep breath. (Please ignore if you think you catch a whiff of rum here.)

Oh, here, an amusement from my email this morning ~
A Thought For Today: For sleep, riches and health to be truly enjoyed, they must be interrupted. -Jean Paul Richter, writer (1763-1825) 

He makes a good point. The lack of something does increase its appreciation. Very true.  Now, if I may, I would like to suggest that I have enjoyed more than ample interruption of all three.  I guarantee you I am more than ready to truly enjoy sleep, riches and health with glorious abandon!  Commence now, please.

All the Back-To-School activity has made me feel a bit nostalgic this week.  My little one is now 19, and we don't get to partake of the hubbub anymore.  I sort of miss the building anticipation, the organized lists of supplies, the smell of new supplies (yes, I am a 'smells' person), the fun of discovering new designs for the new supplies, stocking the kitchen with snack- and lunch-friendly things, encouraging earlier bedtime in preparation, waking the little one up when I'm barely awake, readying the necessities of the day for the two of us, bodily shaking the little one to wake up, being greeted with snarls, encouraging him to hop to it, hunting down the shoe that's always missing, coaxing him to hurry with breakfast, trying to get his input on what he wants for lunch, begging and pleading and yelling at him to hurry the h*** up, ....  Whoa. Nevermind.

Happy Back-To-School Week for those still having to endure it.  I'm going to get a massage.